The Royal Salute Eternal Reserve Project Silk

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Blue Harvest, A Boy’s Life and now Project Silk. These working titles were cover for something very special indeed and in this case it is the new Royal Salute Eternal Reserve. Using a process called Circular Blending they have created a whisky that will ‘live forever’.

88 casks of whiskies, specially selected by the Master Blender for their long finishes, were blended with 88 other casks of Royal Salute. From this blend 88 casks are held back and stored in the Royal Salute Vaults ready for the next time. and so on. and so on. and so on.

This is a trade exclusive which is labelled ‘Not For Sale’, and was given the Chivas Brothers’ clients several months before it was made available for the public.

40% ABV / 50cl

Batch 01


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