The Bon Accord

Providing over 100 whisky enthusiasts with a whisky tasting experience and a different dram to accompany each course at our Dinners requires hundreds of glasses.

When Paul McDonagh, the owner of the famous, multi award winning Bon Accord in North Street, Glasgow, became aware of our difficulty he offered to purchase the Glencairn glasses we required and secure them for our Dinner each year. This level of support will assist us for every year of our Dinner and reduce our costs ensuring we maximise our charitable fundraising.

The Bon Accord is the home of the Glasgow Whisky Club, which several of the SAFG members also enjoy membership of. It is also a partner of the Scottish Malt Whisky Society (SMWS), another of our 2012 supporters, and the only venue in Glasgow where SMWS products are offered.

In each year since Paul has supported us further with donations to our raffle and auction assisting in our fundraising.

The Bon Accord celebrated its 40th year in 2013 and we wish Paul McDonagh and his team our best wishes for many more years and our appreciation for their generous support of our events.

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